I really did feel sorry for the poor guy sitting next to us my our last flight. He looked so pleased when he sat down in his seat. He must have thought that he had a great seat with a bit of extra leg room. I suppose he did have the extra leg room. What I am sure he didn’t count on was that he would be sitting next to a Mum with a toddler and a baby… It started well with only a small delay so I thought it would be a good idea to quickly breastfeed the little pirate. Soon after I finished feeding,the little mermaid threw up. I managed to catch most of it in one of those little bags and I felt quite proud and in control. Look at me, flying alone with my two children. My smugness however was soon to be squashed. I kept the little pirate in the baby carrier during take off and halfway through he vomited.not just a little bit of spit up, but the whole entire feed.  As I didn’t see this coming (he is not a pukey baby!) and as he was facing outward it went mostly over the baby carrier and my trousers.  So before the seat belt sign had even been turned off both my children had been sick. I was stuck in my chair with vomit on my shoes until a very kind stewardess came to my rescue and cleaned me up a bit. The seat belt sign was still on and as I was also still waiting for the bassinet to put the little pirate in I wasn’t able to do much. The smell of vomit hung in the air and I could see the guy next me slight recoiling. I apologised profusely, but let’s just say that this flight was probably all the birth control this guy would need for a while. If before this flight he’d been thinking about the pitter, patter of tiny feet in the future,  he was now faced with the reality of parenthood and  I could see him swearing to himself that he would never ever have such disgusting tiny humans of his own. Thankfully the children slept for most of flight. The little mermaid woke up a few times to throw up some more and the little pirate repeated his performance during landing, however this time I was ready and caught it in one of the many little bags I used on the flight. Suffice to say I was very happy to get back down on the ground!

little brown barf bag