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I never finished my last blog post. I started it just and then had to leave for my appointment with the gynecologist. 10 minutes after arriving I was booked in for an induction as few days later.

On Sunday 30th August our beautiful little boy Lucas Theodore was born. He is currently napping next to me and as his sister is asleep upstairs so I actually have a few minutes to get back into blogging.


Like anyone who is about to become a Mum for the second time I was worried. How was it going to be possible to love this new baby as much as I love my little mermaid. Surely there wouldn’t be enough space in my heart? Thankfully there most certainly is! With the extra love also comes the guilt. How can I take care of both of them? Give them attention when they both need it and basically split myself in two? In combination with all my hormones those first few weeks were quite tough. One of the things that really helped me though was when a friend pointed out that I have actually given my children a great gift, the gift a sibling. Someone who will always be in their life, and more importantly I have give them the perfect person to complain about me to!