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Nothing to make you feel fully integrated as an expat as going to an ER in your new home country. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. The nurses who did the triage worked very hard to get through patients as quickly as possible and the nurse who cleaned the little mermaid’s toe and helped the Doctor was great too. As this is Dubai and a private health care system she was seem by an Orthopedic surgeon which seemed a little overbearing as she doesn’t have a fracture, however it was nice to be reassured that her toe will heal. 

The little mermaid has a really big ouchie on her foot. She managed to get her little toe caught in a bicycle chain. This resulted in a trip to the emergency room. My little girl was so brave and thankfully I had a full pack of Princess plasters in my handbag. Did you know that both Ariel and Cinderella have much greater healing powers then even the strongest painkiller?  Just one of those pink beauties made all her tears dry up. Why is it that the placebo effect is so strong in small children? You bump your head and a magic kiss from Mum makes it all better. Your life is over, but wait here is blueberry to fix it all again. I know these magic fixes will stop working as she gets older, but for now I’ll take them  and as it’s going to take a few weeks for her toe to heal I’ve stocked up on some more pink princess plasters.