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Christmas is almost here and and it is during these last few days before the main event that I find myself going through a myriad of emotions while walking through any of the one million supermarkets that I will need to visit to make sure I have everything.

On the one hand I worry about do we have enough; how many roast potatoes will we need, how many sprouts, how much meat. One the other hand I start to feel resentful about needing all this stuff. Do we really need to buy this much food?

In short the answer is, No we don’t! The long answer however is that I am feeding 5 adults and a mermaid on Christmas day and 20 adults and three toddlers on boxing day. I could just make a big pot of chilli or lasagne and be done with it, but then it wouldn’t be Christmas, would it? So I’ll make a list as long as my arm checking it twice and make handy use of the fact that the supermarkets will be open on Christmas day.

I find that here in Dubai I really have to try and force myself to get into the Christmas spirit. When I look outside my brain shouts: Summer! And coming from the Nothern Hemisphere that does not include Christmas. So in order for me to get into the spirit I find myself playing Christmas songs, watching Christmas movies, drinking mulled wine from Christmas mugs and trying to put as much of Christmas into my days as I possibly can. It’s slowly working. I’m excited about the little mermaid opening her gifts, I’m looking forward to spending this special time of the year with some of the most special people in my life. I’ll miss my family, I’ll miss the cold and wet weather and I’ll miss the smell of fresh trees and holly. It’s good to remember what it’s really about though and that is, being with people that you love.

Merry Christmas to you all.