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Arriving back in Dubai after the lovely cool weather of Europe is always a bit of a shock to the system. Having the AC break down twice really made it unbearable. This happens at least once a year, usually it’s the filters that have become to clogged with dust and sand that they are no longer able to cool. So they cleaned the filters and hey presto the house was cool again for about 5 minutes. In the morning we came downstairs to a lovely temperature of 28C. The maintenance guys were called out again and I was stuck at home waiting for them for another whole day. This time they went up on the roof and replaced something called a capacitor. Thankfully our house is tranquil oasis once again.

Although tranquil may not the right phrase anymore. The little mermaid has found her voice over the summer and although it doesn’t make much sense she is very vocal about everything. Also at 15 months we’re slowly but surely moving into the Toddler Tantrum fase. For now they are minute and last about 30 seconds as she is still easily distracted. They make me smile  though as she will lay her head on the floor, stick her bum in de air and wail. The reason? This morning it was because she couldn’t get her wheely bug on the rug. Yesterday it was because the battery of my ipad was flat and she was adament that she wanted to watch Peppa Pig.



I started to feel a little like this, but then inside!