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Last week I had to make a couple of calls to the utility provider as there were some technical difficulties. These calls are never fun, but if the person on the other end of the line does not speak the same English as you, they become torture! Even the NATO alphabet couldn’t help us and I found myself shouting my address down the phone after having spelt out my full address four times… This has made me think it’s time for Dubai’s own Alphabet.

A is for Arabic

B is for Burj

C is for Camel or should that be Cartier

D is for DishDasha

E is for Emirates

F is for Falafel

G is for Gold

H is for Hot and Humid

I is for International

J is for Jumeirah Jane

K is Khalifa

L is for Louis Vuitton

M is for Mall

N is for NOC

O is for Oil

P is for Pearl

Q is for Qasr

R is for Ramadan

S is for Salary

T is for Taxi

U is for UAE

V is for Visa

W is for Wives

X is for Xray

Y is for Yalla

Z is for Zaater

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