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I love to cook, especially if we are having guests for dinner. I used to love spending a whole day in the kitchen trying out different recipes and making sure that dinner was perfect. And then the little mermaid arrived. It is impossible to cook any dish that takes more then 20 minutes or requires a lot of steps. 

It has completely changed the way I cook. I now often do most of prep work during her nap times as I should be doing now instead of writing this post. I look for things that you can just chuck into a pot and give a quick stir or better still things that bake in the oven. I’m not quite ready for a slow cooker though.

Occasionally on the weekend when Mr Mermaid is home I am able to retreat back to my kitchen and get to spend a couple of hours cooking without having to stop what I’m doing every three minutes to either pull the little mermaid away from whatever she shouldn’t be touching or to insert a biscuit/piece of fruit/ couple raisins so I can at least finish one part of the dish. 

I’ve also had to baby proof the kitchen. Initially I thought that providing her with one cupboard of things she can touch and telling her ‘No’ would be enough. How wrong was I! I got so sick of having to pull her out of the cupboard, put all the tea towels- tupperware- colanders and measuring cups back. The only thing is that it seems those locks aren’t just baby proof… Yes, I locked myself out of my own kitchen cabinets. I could no longer get to the chocolate biscuits to have with my cup of tea. The only cupboard that I could get unlocked was the one with all the cleaning products clearly the universe trying to tell me off for being a slattern. 

This little peanut baby made me smile and make sure my peanut butter is stored on the top shelf!