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I have never understood this expression. In Dutch we say, sleeping like a rose which is equally puzzling but for entirely different reasons. Sleeping like a baby just seems a little too much like an oxymoron. In one of the baby magazines I read that the parents of a baby sleep 5 hours a night on average in the first year. This is 3 hours a night less then our bodies actually need.  Now I am sure that in most households the Dad still gets in a respectable 7 hours a night leaving Mum with about 3. You get to a stage where you are so tired that things feel like a daze and sometimes I am not entirely sure how I manged to get home, or how dinner got to the table. These are the nights when I am in bed by 20.00, or when I almost fall asleep while eating my dinner.

At the moment I have got my parents and my brother visiting us out here in the desert. Although Dubai is not short of sights and things to do, we have mainly been doing very little. We follow the little mermaids rhythm and again the highlight of this holiday has been the swimming lessons. I feel a tad guilty about this, but not too much as it has given me a chance to catch up on some sleep. Having a lie-in, having a cheeky midday nap. It is amazing how much better a little extra sleep can make you feel. I feel like Princess Aurora who has woken from her hundred year slumber!