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My little mermaid is already 8 months! It feels likes both the fastest and the slowest 8 months of my life. All her firsts, all her repeats <countless nappies, countless feeds>. Each time she does something new I am so proud and delighted but I also want to stop time, to stop her changing so fast and to be able to enjoy absolutely every second of it although maybe not the crying and exploding nappies.

I try to take lots of pictures of her, but they often tend to be pictures of her eating, or sitting in the pram or in the Jumperoo. So today I thought I would take the camera upstairs and take pictures of the bath and bed routine. Recently she has moved from the Tummy Tub to the big bath. She loves sitting in the water and splashing around.


After her bath she is so rosy and cuddly. I was lucky as the lighting of the room gave such a special feel to my pictures. I am nothing more than an enthusiastic amateur but am discovering that lighting really makes a big difference. 


After this little photo session it was time for my favourite part of the day. All nice and snug in her onesie I give her one last fast. I can feel her body start to relax, she closes her eyes and starts dozing off. After the feed I put her up to my chest and take a couple of deep breaths. All babies smell lovely but your own baby just has the nicest scent in the world!