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The little mermaid started swimming lessons a couple of weeks ago. Once a week we go to one of the communal pools in one of the nearby communities and for 30 min we sing songs, splash about and she even goes under water!

The weather is fantastic at the moment and the little mermaid loves being in the water. She has recently discovered the joys of hitting the water with her hands and making big splashes. Her little face shows signs of great delight followed by squeals of laughter.

My parents have been visiting and the moments in the pool have been the highlight of their trip. I think my father must have taken over a hundred photo’s of her in the water.

I could probably fill an entire album with just pool pictures and maybe I should! It is so easy to take lots and lots of pictures with a digital camera, but half the fun is being able to see them. I post pictures of Facebook and 23Snaps, but that’s still not the same as an actual physical album. Thankfully there are now many websites that let you do this. All I need now is a couple of free hours and a glass of white wine. Let’s see if I can get at least one album done before the end of year.