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I have never been known for my neatness and my house often looks like a bomb has hit it, but since the little mermaid has been born things have just gone from bad to worse. Everywhere I look I see things that belong elsewhere and jobs that are half finished. Secretly I am very jealous of my friends that have lovely full times maids, but I keep telling myself I am not ready to have a someone live with us. This is because when a baby needs something they need it NOW and not 2 minutes or even 2 seconds from now. They have yet to learn to wait, so feeds, nappy changes, cuddles etc etc all need to be attended to asap causing me to have to stop doing what I was doing and often forgetting what it was once I have finished tending to my little mermaid’s needs.

It’s not just my housework that suffers, half finished blog posts, texts, e-mails that I’ve forgotten to send and even in the kitchen things occasionally go haywire. The other day I was whipping some cream, left to go settle my crying baby and came back to find the cream had turned to butter. I’ve burnt a couple of things as well as forgotten that I had only unloaded half the dishwasher before filling it up again with dirty stuff. Even toilet breaks need to be cut short form time to time and the other day I left the house with which I later realised was a half made-up face. I only got round to doing one eye!



Mr Mermaid and the dog also suffer regularly. Whereas before they were Nr 1 and Nr 2 they alternated between those two positions depending on who weed where, they are now much much further down the line. One some days they really are an afterthought. Thankfully their love is unconditional and they are both very acccepting of the fact that for the next few months years? the rest of our lives? this is where they will remain.