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This weekend was our first proper night out together since the little mermaid was born. Clearly I hadn’t quite thought it through. I had remembered the basics; organize a babysitter, express milk for feeds. What hadn’t occurred to me though was that just because I was taking a break from being a Mum, didn’t mean my breasts would do the same. As I wasn’t on breastfeeding duty I had worn my pretty non-feeding bra and completely forgot to put in some pads, big mistake! There is nothing like sitting in the middle of a comedy show feeling the milk ooze out and slowly stain your shirt. Thankfully I was wearing black so a least nobody could see anything. I managed to make an emergency pad out of some toilet paper during the interval such a classy lady! anyway when we got home I was desperate to feed the little mermaid. She however was having non of it. Having gorged herself on two full bottles of milk she was fast asleep and not interested in a top-up. Happy problem right?