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Remember when you were little and you would wake up on the morning of your birthday and feel all excited! You knew it was going to be a special day with presents, cake and being allowed to choose what you wanted for dinner. Maybe you were having a party and you were allowed to bring home your little friends. My parents would hang up bunting and balloons before going to bed so even the house would look festive.

When did this stop? When did I stop feeling excited about my own birthday? It was my birthday yesterday and it was just like any other day. I didn’t feel the excitement, if anything I felt the slight dread of thinking about getting older have recently been finding grey hairs to prove it.  It was lovely being congratulated by some many friends and family all wishing me a happy birthday and next week we’re having a party to celebrate which I am really looking forward to. But, I’m looking forward to it because I want to have a good time with my friends, have a good laugh over a couple of glasses of wine and maybe even pull out the sing star karaoke. Not because it was my birthday.

Thankfully now I have the little mermaid’s birthday to look forward to. I can’t wait to have a little party for her with a silly little cake, games and balloons. I want to be the parent who hangs up the bunting and struggles to blow up the balloons cause we’ve lost the little pump, I want to be the parents that’s up till way past midnight because icing and decorating the cake is taking so much longer then expected, I want to be the parent who has thoughtfully picked out presents and wrapped them only for their child to be more interested in tearing up the wrapping paper. Is 8 months too soon to start planning her birthday yet?

Yummy cake!