I wish I could be in more then one place at once. It’s always the same, having just gotten back from my trips I want to be both here at home in Dubai and in the Netherlands and in South Africa too. When I’m there I want to be here and when I’m here I want to be there. Confused? Don’t worry so am I!

If you all live in the same country you have the luxury option of visiting family and friends for a couple of hours, of popping round for a meal, catching up over a drink. After that you go back home and few days,weeks or months later you see each other again. Being an expat means you do not have the luxury. Visiting parents means staying with them during your entire stay. Don’t get me wrong I am very very grateful that we can stay with our parents as it makes travelling with a baby a lot easier. However it does mean that by the end I am very ready to go back home only to want go back almost as soon as I’ve left.

It was so lovely being away and showing my little mermaid off to everyone, but it was also a bit like a whirlwind. Trying to meet up with my nearest and dearest, wanting to spend more time together with some, but also trying to make sure there was some time to just relax. Meanwhile I was really missing Mr Mermaid who was working and looking after the dog back in Dubai and who was also ill which made him feel very sorry for himself as his Florence Nightingale was not there to tend to his every need, ahum as if!!.

I think that since becoming a Mum and since having seen how much my family and friends enjoying seeing the little mermaid these feelings of guilt  being pulled apart have become stronger. I am very lucky as neither my parents nor my in-laws put any pressure on us to return ‘home’, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t realize how hard it can be for them. How much they would like to just be able to pop round and see their little mermaid even for just five minutes.

Thankfully modern technology makes things easier. A quick photo sent via Whats-app, a blog post, an e-mail and chatting on face-time. All of these help to make far away feel a little less so.