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My dearest little mermaid,

Firstly as your Mum let me apologize, there is nothing fun about flying but as you are the child of two expat parents who come from opposite sides of the world, you will spend quite some time on planes.

On Wednesday your maiden voyage will take you all the way to Cape Town to meet your grandparents for the first time. Your father will thankfully be with us on this first flight so there is an extra pair of hands to hold you and an extra pair of arms to sooth and rock you shame there is no extra pair of boobs to feed you with. I as you Mum have done my best to prepare us for this trip and read many many tips about flying with babies. The general consensus is that flying with a newborn is much much easier then flying with a baby that can crawl or walk. It would be great if you could be sweet happy little mermaid that will make all the people on the plane smile. If not and you decided to scream your way through the flight it’s okay. Mummy and Daddy still love you would ik be okay to use noise-cancelling earphones to drone out the noise of your own child?

The truth is I hate flying. I hate airports, luggage restrictions, security checks, overpriced airport facilities duty free does not mean profit free, airplanes that have so many seats shoved into the them that no matter how hard you try you will never be comfortable, other people on the plane that sneeze, bump you seat, put their seat back so they are basically in your lap, all of it! Flying is boring, a waste of time and exhausting and being air sick does not help me like it more.

So, why do it? Because you are a very lucky girl my little mermaid as there are a lot of people that want to meet you so they can see your gorgeous smile for themselves and give you lots of kisses and cuddles. It’s for the smiles of the people that greet you once you arrive, those loved ones that have been waiting for you, they are what makes flying worthwhile.

Lots of love from


Just in case we won't get a bassinet seat this little sky baby mattress should keep you safe and keep Mummy's hands free to drink a glass of wine!

Just in case we won’t get a bassinet seat this little sky baby mattress should keep you safe and keep Mummy’s hands free to drink a glass of wine!