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Poor Kate! Can you imagine that the whole world knows you are in labour? And is effectively thinking about your private parts. If she were to turn on the tv should would get updated on her own delivery! And what are those people doing in front of Buckingham Palace? Do they expect someone to come and show them the Royal Sprog as soon as it’s out??

Anyway I wish the Duchess a calm, speedy and private delivery and I sincerely hope that Kate&Wills will be able to announce the arrival of their little one when they are ready rather then it leaking to the press before then. Then once the little one is here I hope she gets a chance to sit on the couch with at least one boob out in tracksuit bottoms with her hair all over the place and baby sick on her shoulder too. I hope she will be able to do that without camera’s, servants and with the support of William and her Mum. After that,when she is ready she can get a team in to make her look absolutely fantastic and they can take some official pics that the whole world can look at.  

O and I wonder if she will get one of those signs for the car that says: Princess/Prince on board?