I can hardly believe that my little mermaid is five weeks old today! She and I are in the middle of getting to know each other. My love for her was instant and continues to grow everyday. I’m not sure that anyone or anything can prepare you for the love you feel for your baby. There are some very powerful primal instincts at work here. Already I feel fiercely protective over her, so much so that it scares me a little. I think it has a lot to do with that she is so little and so utterly dependent on me and her Daddy.

When I look at her it is a lot like looking at old baby pictures of myself. She has inherited my nose although hers is still straight whereas mine, after breaking it is not. She also has a very sweet little bald head and big blue eyes. She seems to be quite a visual baby and loves looking at things. The doorpost, the ceiling, the lamp, a plant. They all get looked at frequently and smiled at too.

One thing she doesn’t like is having a dirty nappy and she is quite vocal about that.  Almost as soon as she has filled it, she will cry and let me know that it is dirty! This has lead to nappy changes in strange places; the dried goods aisle at the local Spinneys, on my Mums knee in the car and this morning in the waiting area of the Dutch consulate.

Her favourite position is upright on my chest. She loves snuggling up in that position and can stay like that for hours. I love holding her like that especially as it gives me a chance to feel the velvety softness of her head. Right after a feed she will lie there and make these tiny little content noises which make me melt each and every time even if it is 03.15 and I’ve barely had three hours of sleep.

The smiles have started, sometimes at random objects, but now also directly at people. It starts with a little glimmer in her eyes and then moves on to a full blown toothless grin. Talking to her and making funny noises will almost certainly be rewarded with a smile.

I love getting to know more and more about her and discovering new things everyday!

Little Mermaid toes

Little Mermaid toes