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Please little Mermaid come out soon, we can't wait to meet you!

Please little Mermaid come out soon, we can’t wait to meet you!

So today is my official due date, but after my visit to the Dr yesterday I am far from hopeful that she will arrive today. The truth is that for the longest time I wasn’t quite ready to meet her. I wanted her to stay safely inside for as long as possible so she could grow bigger and stronger and so that I could get my head around becoming a Mum. However since about Monday things have changed. I am ready to meet her and  I am also utterly fed up with being pregnant. My hormones are raging through my body and half the time I don’t recognize this person that I have become apologies to lady in the shop for telling her to ‘just take the bloody tag off’. Huge highs and deep lows, tears one minute, laughter the next. Then there is the physical discomfort. Turning over in bed most closely resembles an 8-point turn and requires serious planning, it also hurts a lot. Then there is the heartburn, the cankles, the snoring and the drooling in my sleep. Oh the absolute glamour of the late stages of pregnancy!! People are telling me to rest up, sleep as much as possible and enjoy the peace and quiet while I still can, but the truth is that I am getting more and more restless and am finding it very hard to remain in a zen like state of mind. Also it is not just me who is getting restless and impatient, so many friends, relatives and even strangers keep asking me if there is any news yet. Yes the baby was born last week, but we’ve just decided not to tell anyone and keep it a secret. Really? No of course not!! By all means ask me how I am doing, give me tips on how to get this labour started, talk to me about your dog and life in general but please do not ask me if there are any news about the baby yet. I am pretty sure that once the little mermaid has arrived and I have managed to catch my breath we will be shouting the good news from the rooftops!