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This weekend we met up with an old friend. He is here in Dubai on business. While we were sitting having a drink (ginger ale for me), we came to the conclusion that this is the fourth country and third continent on which we get to see each other.I love that there are people in my life that I do not get to see very often, but when we do meet it’s like nothing has changed. We just take off where we left last time.

Being an expat however does mean that you need to work a little bit harder to keep your friendships going. It does mean making use of Facebook, Skype, e-mail, blogs etc and letting your friends know what is going on in your life in a way that you might not do if you were still living in your home country. I also means that you will miss out on some major and lots of minor events in your friends lives. This is one of the down sides to being an expat. However the upside is that when you do see your friends you both appreciate the time you spend together a lot more.

Another great thing about being an expat is that you never stop making new friends. I once heard someone say that they had enough friends and that they were not interested in meeting new people and it just struck me as incredibly sad. With an attitude like that you will miss out on befriendin some really great people. I have met so many great people since moving to Dubai and still continue to do so. They might not all turn out to be life-long friends, but that’s okay.

Then there are the people that you know will remain present in your life forever, regardless of locations, time-zones, finances and time to see each other. These are the people that I truly cherish. I know that they will not all be able to see the little mermaid until she maybe isn’t such a little mermaid anymore, but I also know they are happy for us and hoping for a safe and speedy arrival. I know they are rooting for me from afar and it makes me feel incredibly lucky to have so much support coming from all over the world.

To all my friends who have supported me through this pregnancy, I thank you and I hope that you will continue to play a part in our life!