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Perhaps it’s me, but there seems to be an awful lot of nonsense going on with regards to homosexuality. In the US they are still working out if they should allow same sex marriages. In France they seem to be turning backwards and even in my home country of the Netherlands there is a fierce debate going with regard to same sex foster parents.

I hope that soon Gay marriages will be allowed in all of the USA (and in the rest of the world!). Mr. Mermaid always says; why should straight people be the only ones who have to suffer Christmas at the in-laws. Let them suffer too. Personally I think marriage is a wonderful way to celebrate your love for each other and that love has nothing to do with your sexual preference provided you are both human of course!

In the Netherlands it has transpired that a 9 year old boy of Turkish decent is being fostered by a lesbian couple. He has been living with his foster Mums since he was 5 months old. Recently however his biological Mum has discovered that her child is being raised by Lesbians and she decided that for that reason she wants him back. What followed was a massive outcry from the Turkish community in the Netherlands and in Turkey. It even reached the highest circles of politics as in the middle of all this the Turkish Prime Minister visited the Netherlands.

What do the sexual preferences of (foster) parents have to do with their ability to raise a child? I think that what a child needs is most of all is to be loved and to be nurtured. Someone that I know has recently taken the brave to step to become a single (gay) parent using a surrogate mother. I know he will be a great father to his child and she will not be wanting for a single thing in her life. I honestly believe that single parents, gay parents, foster parents, mixed-race parents, inter-faith parents, divorced parents, step-parents or any other kind of parent you can think of can be just a good at raising their child, loving it and caring for it as ‘traditional parents’ what does that even mean in this day and age??  stylish-same-sex-parents-the-new-normal-ecards-someecards