Over the past few weeks I have been asked by various people if I am going to have a baby shower. The answer is probably not. I would have loved to have been surprised with one, but as I’m the first of my friends here to have a baby and most of them work full time I don’t think it will happen.

I could organise my own, but it would feel a little like organising your own hen-do. And the thought of having to entertain and cater for a group of friends just makes me feel exhausted!! I could of course ask my friends to bring some food, or get some catering in, but I sort of pride myself on being the hostess with the mostess and normally love putting together a good spread for my friends to enjoy. 

Apart from anything else I think it is also the idea of being the centre of attention and the slightly forced ambiance these gatherings can have. Although I went to a baby shower this weekend that was lovely. It was relaxed, low key and everybody had a great time. 

Maybe it’s the presents? They seem to be compulsory and as much as I love getting presents I don’t want my friends to feel that they have to buy something. They might much prefer buying something after the baby is born so they can give it her, rather then to me. Or they might find buying something not necessary at all. 

Then there are the games… Some are fun, such as trying to guess the flavours of baby food as it’s all very bland and mushed together. Some are not! Like the dirty diaper game where you melt bars of chocolate into diapers and the guests have to guess what they are. Bounty shit anyone? Or filling a baby bottle with beer, juice or water and getting the guests to drink them as fast a possible. No biting of the teats allowed…

Perhaps it’s to do with the fact the baby-showers aren’t a tradition back home. They seem to be something that has drifted over from the US, and for me personally fall into that strange category that Halloween and Valentines also belong to. 

At the moment I am thinking that I would much rather organise something once the little mermaid has arrived and we are all settled. Then my friends can come round and see with their own eyes the results of 9 months of hard work pregnancy. They will be able to see our little miracle with their own eyes!