Yesterday almost our entire day was spent doing ‘baby’ things. First we had an appointment for a growth scan. Thankfully the little mermaid is doing well and is definitely still a girl. The scan itself was over in a flash and the lady who did it was rather clinical. I know it’s a hospital and I know that it is her job, but surely she realizes how special these scans are to parents to be. It would have been nice if she had talked us through it a little more and had been a bit more hospitable. We weren’t able to see the baby in 3D because she said the position was wrong. I am now slightly tempted to book a private scan and see if we can get some 3D pics. I know they do not add anything medically and are purely for our own enjoyment but  I’m just so excited to meet the little mermaid I would love a little sneak- peek! After the scan we met with the Dr and again all is well. Will see her in two weeks, and hope to have my birth plan ready to discuss with her next time I see her.

New Camera 038

Mr. Mermaid needed a haircut so we set off for the Mall of the Emirates. I had a wander round the shops, where I’d promised myself no more baby stuff but couldn’t not buy the mermaid outfit, right?!?! Then we had a lovely late lunch at Tribes. This is a restaurant inside the mall that serves African inspired food and also good steaks. Our waiter who was called Quiet, was also from South Africa so he and Mr. Mermaid had a nice little talk together while I munched on my watermelon and rocket salad.

We were ending the day with out very first ante-natal class. Through word of mouth I’d heard of an ‘independent’ midwife. There are not many of those around in Dubai as most ante-natal classes are linked to a clinic and/or hospital. As I wasn’t interested in a ‘look at how great our facilities are’ kind of class I was very happy to discover that our teacher is not only very knowledgeable, but also kind and has a good sense of humour. Her class was informative and she gave some great tips for the Dad’s to be. Mr. Mermaid know feels much more prepared especially since he now knows what his task will be during the labour. We’re both looking forward to the next couple of classes!