It’s been almost 12 weeks since I had my last scan and we found out that we are having a girl. This coming Saturday we’re having another scan and we’ll see how well the little mermaid has been growing. Since finding out it’s a she I’ve just completely gone with that idea and never once questioned her gender. That is until my Mum told me that my Dad has been asking her to wait with buying things as it still very well could be a boy… surely not? right?

That was it, a little seed of doubt has been planted. If she is a he, what am I going to do with all the pink and girly clothes, with the little pink sheets that I bought? It will mean we will have to start all over on the naming debate…

Before finding out, I was sort of hoping for a boy. Growing up I always wanted a big brother, not a little one. Don’t get me wrong I love my brother dearly and it only took about 15 years to get to that point. When we were children we used to fight a lot, we didn’t have a much in common. Apparently when my brother was born I even asked my parents if we couldn’t swap him for a sister. Gone were my visions of playing barbies together and having tea parties while dressing up as princesses. Instead there was lego and cars and threats to decapitate my barbies or cut up my favourite cuddly toy.

Once I moved out of the house we started liking each other a whole lot more. Now we share certain interests and have the same kind of sense of humour. Thanks Dad! We enjoy spending time together when we do get to see each other and I know that my brother is looking forward to becoming an uncle very much. He won’t mind if she’s a he and frankly neither do I.

So a very Happy Birthday to my little brother, who will be the world’s greatest uncle very soon!