There are some things that you forget about being cold. I have to wait until this evening before I will be reunited with my coat. You forget about the ‘windchill factor’; you forget about how it makes your eyes water and your nose drip; you forget about being hot while in the shops, and then being cold when you go outside again; you forget how cold your legs can get but you also forget how lovely and fresh it all feels.

My Dad needs to be in London for business so he’s meeting us for dinner tonight. He will bring my coat and our maxi-cosi car seat. A certain Royal Dutch airline made such a fuss when my parents tried to bring it over on their last trip to Dubai, but thankfully Emirates is much more flexible. We’re going to our favourite restaurant in Borough Market and we are all having the lobster. I love lobster, especially when it comes to the table dripping in garlic butter…. My mouth is watering as we speak.

Anyway before all that I am off to John Lewis for a serious spot of shopping!