What do you do in that last half hour before a taxi arrives to pick you up for the airport? Normally I spend those 30 min running around like a headless chicken doing all sorts of last minute things. Today however I am done. My bags are packed, I have done as much of the laundry as was humanly possible, the fridge has been emptied out of anything nasty and as we speak my maid is cleaning upstairs and getting the bed ready for my friend who will be staying here to look after the dog while we are away. 

So, at the moment I am sitting happily, or almost happily thanks to a little hormone called relaxin. While pregnant everything gets softer and more bendable so that the baby can come out. However sometimes this happens too soon or too fast and it is agony. Thankfully my new best friend, my chiropractor has helped me enormously as she has made it possible for me to walk normally again! But I digress, here I am sitting happily behind my laptop having a non-alcoholic drink and typing away. 

The taxi is due to arrive any minute and I am hoping for a smooth and happy flight to London.

Next post will be from the cold!