Nail spas are a big part of life in Dubai. There are many of them all around Dubai and they all seem to be doing a roaring trade. The vast majority of the pampering is done by lovely ladies from the Philippines. However getting a mani/pedi involves quite a few decisions. Firstly, normal or long-lasting polish.  Then, French or full colour. If you go for colour, then which one to pick. At the spa I visit there are probably 200 (!!!!) colours to pick from. I am always amazed at how many versions of pink and red you can have. After the colour comes the nail shape; round, square or round-square. Just to clarify this a shape where the corners are rounded, but the tops are square. Then there is the cuticle debate. Do you have them trimmed, or just the excess or do you just leave them alone. Some people ( mainly on a popular ladies forum in the Middle East) have a very strong opinion on cuticles. I must admit that before coming here I had never given them much thought. Once you have made your choices, then you can sit back and relax.

Unless like me you have the kind of feet that after just two weeks, and copious amounts of moisturiser most closely resemble the ground in the Grand Canyon… I have tried everything; things that resemble a cheese grater, things that resemble a cheese slicer, you name it! For about 3 days my feet feel and look lovely and smooth, but then it’s downhill again from there.Image

I had my hands done this morning; long-lasting, French, round-square, only excess cuticle. My feet took a little longer and I am quite sure that I heard the Philippine word for angle-grinder at least twice!