As much as I love living abroad and as much as the internet has made the world so much smaller and easily accessible this doesn’t seem to count when it comes to administrative tasks. Banks and government institutions in particular seem to not have caught on that lots of people do no longer live in the country they were born, married or lived in. 

Apparently my bank in the UK, had decided in all it’s infinite wisdom to block my card so that I can no longer use it to purchase things off the internet. I can reset the security settings as long as I come in with some photo-id at any branch in the UK… now as I’m in Dubai that doesn’t help much does it? This bank has lots of branches here in Dubai, but apparently the only thing they have in common is the name and the logo. It makes me want to scream and shout at the person on the other end of the line, but I realise that it is not their fault. I am all for an active fraud investigation team, but just because people move around the world does not mean you can just shut down their cards… Oh and it most definitely physically possible to be in more then one country in one day thanks to the invention of airplanes!!

Then there is the marriage certificate with an apostille stamp which we need so that we can apply for a passport for our little mermaid. Now I have one of those, which I got before leaving the UK three years ago. However it clearly states that said certificate and stamp may not be older then 6 months… Thankfully I was able to order a copy from the registry office in Bromley over the phone. It will be sent to my friend and I am hoping that she will be kind enough to send it down to Milton Keynes so it can be stamped. If she is not able to do this, then I will have to spend most of a day going up and down to the city of roundabouts. It’s a good thing that we are actually going to be in the UK somewhere in March or this would have been so much more complicated. 

While sorting all this out I’m being distracted by two things, firstly the lovely great kicks that I keep getting from my little mermaid and secondly a bunch of annoying flies that seem to have come out of nowhere. I keep swatting them, but as soon as I’ve killed one, another seems to appear.

I think after all this hard work I most definitely deserve to satisfy my pregnancy craving for a Starbucks caramel frappuccino, no cream on top. Image